As many of you may have noticed I have closed the Firestarter's facebook page.  I believe this was necessary due to the toxic nature of social media right now. 

There are a lot of crazy things going on today in the world. We need positive messages to help people heal. I think if we can find a common ground we can work

together to solve the issues facing us.  I may sound like a broken record, but I still believe love can build bridges to connect us all.


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Indie Rock - Folk Rock - Roots
Music Created with Fire and Intensity

Nominated TOP CELTIC ROCK GROUP 2010 , 2011, & 2012
by the Irish Music Association

"Firestarters is right: This band's hallmark is it's high-powered energy. It's an energy that never over powers the music or the lyrics, though, and there are lyrics in plenty. Drawdy sings lead and plays guitar, with backing vocals from his bandmates, who add fiddle, mandolin, bodhrán, and bass as well. This Midwest-based group's growing skill is at serving the music and at serving up music that's worthy to be heard. The group has recently been the talk of Irish festivals. This is why."
- Dirty Linen Magazine

"Drawdy's Theatrical vocals and lyrical bent is of the big emotional kind, half Mike Scott's romanticisim, and half Luka Bloom's sensuality. The band kicks up it's storms with choppy rhythms and air punching acoustic rockers."
- Irish Music Magazine

"This high-flying group lit up the stage last year and went on to win rave reviews from across the country as audiences heard the stellar songwriting of Roger Drawdy for the first time. They have earned a return performance and promise to be headliners for years to come"...
- Savannah Irish Festival Director

Concentric Circles
 What will you find on Concentric Circles?
Long before the Firestarters Roger Drawdy was writing songs & performing as a Singer/Songwriter. Asking people to think about each other and the environment in which they live; sharing his experiences, his melodies, his dreams. In 1992, after years of living in Europe, Roger moved to the states to try his music out on the American audience. This turned out to be a wonderful journey, meeting people who were very receptive to the message & the music. By 1997 Roger had built up a small but loyal following. Meanwhile back in Ireland the Earth Wisdom Foundation in Dublin was working on the Trees are Life CD, ( a music project designed to raise funds for educating children & developing an understanding about stewardship of the earth & planting trees throughout Ireland). Roger joined the line-up for the album in hopes of generating more interest in environmental awareness and because his friends asked and it seemed like a lot of fun & the right thing to do. The track “For Erin’s Sake” from the Trees are Life CD is included on Concentric Circles along with the hope that people will start treating each other & the planet better.
Most of the music on this new CD by Roger Drawdy was written between the years of 1985 -2000. It should be noted that Concentric Circles was meant to be the first volume in the “lost Music” series. “Lost Music” refers to over a thousand copyrighted songs written by Roger Drawdy that were contained in notebooks & recordings from his youth & then suddenly destroyed in 2008. Tree Ring Circus Records will continue to bring these songs to the public as they materialize from studio sources, fans, family, & the mists of the old Bard’s memory.

Tuesday is Irish Pint Night with Roger Drawdy