Sometimes unexpected reviews are among the most satisfying. After watching the Firestarters perform at a festival, a novelist posted her thoughts on a writers' blog. It meant a lot to us because she captured the essence of Roger Drawdy & the Firestarters.
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What are they saying about the Firestarters?...

Beth Banks, Entertainment Director, Niagara Celtic Festival 2011
Wow! We got rave reviews about you guys from MANY people we talked to. We would definitely want to have you back next year.

Matt Cassidy, AOH Festival Committee Representative, Toledo Irish Festival 2011
The Firestarters have managed to keep the folk feeling of the music of our forefathers and present them to a younger generation in a way they can understand and enjoy.

Maureen Kennedy, Irish Heritage Center of Cincinnti, OH
Thank you and the band very much- a wonderful evening of music and friendship! The new CD is fantastic -- everyone was so moved by the music. The Irish Heritage Center is grateful for your contribution.

Leo Jay, Entertainment Director, Gathering of the Irish Clans 2010, Youngstown, OH
It was a great festival... particularly enjoyed the Firestarters.  Great show, great energy.

Jimmy Buttimer, Entertainment Director, Savannah Irish Festival 2010
It has been five years now since I first signed Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters to appear at the Savannah Irish Festival. It was one of the easiest and best decisions I have made for our festival. The Firestarters have since performed four times in those five years and the reasons to bring them back just keep growing. Roger Drawdy has been on a creative tear for some time now and he shows no sign of slowing down. The fire within burns fiercely still and a good band has become a great roots band over the years with Ric Smith, John McBride, Eric Sayer, Mark Milliron and Keri McBride. They light up the stage with original songs, excellent musical skills and pure joy. This band is about passion and engagement with the audience. If you want to make your festival better, sign the Firestarters. They will bring an audience of their own and win the rest.

Bill Russell, Director, Dayton Celtic Festival 2009
Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters has been one of the most asked for artists at the Dayton Celtic Festival since the festival's inception in 2002. The band was instrumental in the festival's successful layout changes in 2009 and the festival committee received numerous compliments about the band's performance from sponsors and festival attendees alike. The band continues to innovate and grow in popularity every year.

Scott Saylers, V.P., Behringer-Crawford Summer Concert 2009
The Firestarters set the stage on fire with their mix of traditional and original material. The crowd awarded the band with a rare standing ovation, everyone wanted more!

Old Boston Music Revival 2009
Thank you for another OUTSTANDING performance at our festival. Your band and your music energized our festival. You are an audience favorite and hopefully we will see you at Old Boston Music Revival next year, and beyond. Thank you for the giving of your time to support our local charities. Your fantastic show made the day of many of our patrons, who continued to sing the praises of your music, showmanship and the band's musical abilities throughout the event. Thank you so much!

Richard Back, City of Mason, Mason Sunshine Concert 2009
Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters give exciting, eye-opening performances at our annual Sunshine Concert Series. Their songs are soulful, powerful, and entertaining; as is the band and their performance. I highly recommend Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters for a powerful representation of authentic Celtic Rock.