From the recording Open Seas, Empty Skies

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Words and music by:
Roger Drawdy
Copyright 2005


I turned my face to the darkness and the rain
And the factories that terrorize the sky
When I left my home I swore there was nothing for me
Now when I think of her I cry

My da he said that England was no place for a Cork boy
You’re guilty though you’ve never once been tried
I should have listened then and saved myself the heartache
I curse myself and damn my foolish pride

It’s all been said and done
All I can do is try to set things right
I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned
But when the last boat leaves today I’ll say goodbye

When I think about the Sherkin Island Ferry
And the fishing boats in Baltimore at night
It brings a sadness to my heart that I can’t carry
And yet it almost makes me smile

There was a girl back there I thought I would marry
But now it’s been a long, long while
When I get home I’ll chat her up and don’t you worry
I’ll never leave her far behind