From the recording Touched By The Sun

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Words and music by Roger Drawdy


There’s danger in the way she moves
There’s danger in her eyes
No one told me what to do
When she took me by surprise
All the things I learned in school
And all the good advice
Vanished like the morning dew
When the sun is riding high

There ain’t no point in even trying to run
Now I’ve reached the point of no return
And I’ll go o’er the hills and far away
Through the woods and across the sea
Where she goes, that’s where I want to be
Around the world and back again
On the mountains steep or through the glen
Where she is, that’s where I want to be
That’s where I’ll be

I was just a simple working man contented back at home
No one told me how she’d come
When she took me like a storm
She’s a green eyed beauty with a soft and gentle style
I dropped me brow and never looked back
I was captured by her smile


She’s as light as a summer breeze
She could bring a grown man to his knees
She’s the only thing I need to make me feel alright