From the recording Touched By The Sun

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Words and music by Roger Drawdy


I follow under your spell
Dream shadows you’re casting so well
Bright fire flashing the light in your eyes

The wind on the night rushes in
And brings with it a sweet subtle scent
I feel you with every breath that I take

And I’ll run to the sea
Dance to the fire
Stand at the edge of the world
Call out your name
Kiss your reflection
Just to be close to you, girl
Close to your world

Days last forever when we’re apart
Yet I keep you right here in my heart
Though my vision gets clouded and dark without you

Each moment when you are near
Erases every fear
And we’ll walk through this world with no fear together


I’ll reach for you when I’m alone
And the emptiness chills me to the bone
But I know that you’ll always return to my arms