From the recording Live Fire

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Music & Lyrics: Roger Drawdy
Arrangement: Roger Drawdy & the Firestarters


We’ll be sailing in the morning
We’ll be leaving with the tide
Swing around the rocks that dot the shoreline
Before the new day rise

And as the sun breaks the horizon
I see hear in the friendly seas
Smoothly riding on the golden caps of water
And heading for the deep

Under watchful skies
A target I could fill
Keeping time in the rhythm of the waves
Climbing high and cresting on the foam
In the light of a new day

I cast my nets upon the water
Until at last the hold is filled
I comb the ocean for the treasure
I know that she will yield

In this simple task I wonder
Just what makes a wiser man?
Is there ever any order
Is there every any plan


As the western light is fading
I will be heading on my way
With all the clear night stars to guide us
And that will make it safe