From the recording Live Fire

Music & Lyrics: Roger Drawdy
Arrangement: Roger Drawdy & the Firestarters


We ran through the fields and we scattered the mud
We swam in the sea every chance that we could
We laughed and we fought and we grew into men
And we swore all our lives that we’d always be friends all the time
It’d take you to far from your home
And I still remember back when we were young

If we ever meet again
We’ll drink a glass to the memories
If we ever meet again
We’ll stand proud and tall like we used to be

We drifted apart as the years passed us by
Working away all the days of our lives
But I always thought that I’d see you again
We’d talk of the old times remembering when time
Was something that we thought we owned
And I still remember when we could take on the world


Life goes so fast when you’re banging your head on the wheel
But you can’t change the past so you’ll just have to learn how to steer