From the recording Pour Me Another One

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Traditional Irish
Arranged by: Roger Drawdy & the Firestarters


Come over the hills my handsome Irish lad
Come over the hills to your darling
You choose the road love, and I'll make a vow
That I'll be your true love forever

Red is the rose in yonder garden grows
And fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any

Down by Killarney’s green woods we did stray
The moon and the stars they were shining
The moon shone it's rays on her locks of golden waves
And she swore she'd be my love forever


It's not for the parting of my dear sister, Kate
It's not for the grief of my mother
It's all for the loss of my handsome Irish lad
Now my heart is broken forever