From the recording Pour Me Another One

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Lyrics by: Roger Drawdy
Arranged by: Roger Drawdy & the Firestarters


All the blossoms from the trees float down upon the water.
She’s like the weather in the Spring, what we’ll she bring tomorrow?
Would she find the time? Would she change her mind?
Would she walk away?
Would she dance in the heather as in the month of May?

She can tame the savage beast, or fill your heart with sorrow.
In the end you’ll be on your knees beggin’ for her pardon.
Would she understand? Would she take my hand?
Would she know the tune?
Would she dance in the heather as in the month of June?

She takes me further than any other.
She lifts me up in my darkest day.
The clouds and shadows they are no matter to me,
When she turns her eyes and looks my way.

Her hair is dark with fiery rings that catch the sun in morning.
Flowing out upon the breeze, like the spell that she is forming.
Inside my mind intoxicating wine, she can ease the pain.
Will she dance in the heather in the month of May?