From the recording Pour Me Another One

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Written by Roger Drawdy
All rights reserved.
Arranged by: Roger Drawdy & the Firestarters


Come walk with me now as I awaken this memory
It was in a dark time and that to be sure.
I walked out the door and I left my belongings
And waited for the boat by the shore,
Waited for the boat by the shore.

Sorrow and famine had left me a debter
And soldiers have taken the place I call home,
But somewhere across the wild sea there’s a promise of hope…
Where a man finds his dreams.
A home in America

Rough seas and fierce winds have made clear their meaning
To freeze us, or starve us, or drown us at sea.
And the many who perished never stopped dreaming
Of a land where they could be free,
Of a land where they could be free.

New York harbor we anchored and swift through the station
I worked my way southward to find a new home.
But even now as I gaze o’er the mountains I own,
Sometimes I weep for my island of green.

Whispering raindrops cascade down the pines.
Clear mountain water refresh and remind,
Tasting the poitín when I was a child.
I long for the shamrock and cry for that isle.