From the recording Touched By The Sun

Words and music by Roger Drawdy


O’Connor is it well, will she keep us dry
Stow the sail and lock her down real tight
By the look in the sky we’re in for nasty weather

It’s the hottest thing when the wind is high
Over the rail in the pitch of night
It’s going to get rough before we see it gets much better

And we’ll hold on… She’ll take us there

Riding the waves, she’s an awesome sight
Standing on the tip of the ocean’s knife
She’ll tear you apart if you drop your guard and let her

But, you’ve got to believe in the boat you run
Cause you’re breaking your back until the work is done
On the open seas, man, you got to keep it together


She’s taking a beating and she needs her rest
But we’re going to push on if we’re to make our catch
Around the rocks and then we take her into shelter

We made our repairs and then we’re out again
We’ll hoist the sail and we’ll catch the wind
Follow the fish until we make our way back home