From the recording Open Seas, Empty Skies

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Words and music by:
Roger Drawdy
Copyright 2005


Step by step and steady slow
Turn around and drive the plough
To the wind and to the ground a handful of barley

Break the ground and pull the stones
Plant the seed and sow the oats
Scattered in the furrow, a handful of barley

It's the will of man to shape the land
It's the law of nature that guides his hand
or crushes him down in the end

Push and pull, shove and fight to take the land
Twisted, burnt and timbered, will you turn it into sand?
Will you give your answer when the mother shows her hand?
Or will you fold and be ground in the end? No!

Falling leaves in the autumn
Fallen leaves scattered on the ground
Fallen leaves return to the mother
And the wheel of life keeps spinning round and round
Into the ground, a handful of barley