1. Tatters

From the recording Open Seas, Empty Skies

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Words and music by:
Roger Drawdy
Copyright 2005


No money and my father’s land forfeit
There’s no work for a young man to do
Little hope in a land full of soldiers
They say there’s a famine while they export our food

We’ve raised up in arms and gone out against them
So many times that we’re beaten and sore
And every day more boats to America
Leave with our families from Ireland’s green shores

To a faraway search for their freedom
Just a pale shadow to the hope that we bore
Weaving bright patterns for the emerald lady
Gold from the tatters of the clothes that she wore

They say the streets are rolling in money
Milk and honey all in great store
Tell me brother, I’ll soon be coming
We’ll work the rich ground as we did once before

Oh dear mother, I hate to be leaving
The land of my birth and the land that I love
But I’ll return and we’ll make this land prosper
She’ll shine with the light, a nation once more