1. At the Fair

From the recording Open Seas, Empty Skies

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Words and music by:
Roger Drawdy
Copyright 2005


Will you meet me in the morning?
Will you meet me at the fair?
With everyone assembled
Will I see you there?

Will your father let you out girl?
Will your mother let you come?
Will you set your feet to dancing
To the beatin’ of the drum?

Is it drinking with your brother Gilly?
Is it fighting with Ferdaid O’Hare?
What will it take to win your heart
Now Katie are you going to the fair?

If I ask you for a dance now
Will you take me by the hand?
Until our breath is gone love
And no longer can we stand

Will you lay down in the heather
And draw me to you near
Until the night has fallen
And the stars are bright and clear


Will your father hear me out love
When I ask if you can go?
Will you give me your affections
Or let your mind be known?