1. Stand Today

From the recording Open Seas, Empty Skies

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Stand Today
(IRISH - An Fod A Sheasamh Inniu)
Words and music by:
Roger Drawdy
Copyright 2005


Men have died for freedom
And many more will fall
It is the very reason
That we are here at all
Men who came before us
Answered to the call
For the sacrifice they’ve made
I will stand today

A land that is divided
Must be united once again
Or to the heroes that have fallen
We will answer in the end
The children of tomorrow
On us now depend
All that I can say is
I will stand today

We don’t need to be reminded
We can count our fathers graves
We can hear our mothers crying
For the sons they can’t replace
And the victims who’ve laid dying
We will not disgrace
Like the phoenix rising we will have our day

I will stand today

Tiochaidh ar La! (IRISH - Our day will Come!)