From the recording Hallowed Ground

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Hallowed Ground
Words and music by:
Roger Drawdy
Copyright 2007


The morning greets me with a message
And the gift of another day.
A perfect time to make a change
Deep within the forest veil
A single golden ray illuminates my face,

I’m hallowed…

With this waking all the promises I’ve made
Touch like footsteps on my grave.
I’m not a man if I can’t authenticate my name.
The bond and the word I gave,

Are hallowed…

Under a harvest moon I heard her words come back to me.
We’re measured by what we do and everything we say
Seek the truth and live a life that matters, in tune,

And hallowed…

Branches reaching out like hands that join to pray.
The world of man lies in decay
Guardians of the future, of the planet and of our fate
When the vision is realized, the steps we take

Are hallowed…

Tread light on hallowed ground…